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Bram van Waes

Podiatrist treat problems while focusing on the feet. Feet are the base of the human body. An abnormal position or deviating function of the feet can be the cause of problems in ankles, knees, hips, pelvis or back. Our goal is to get you pain free as soon as possible and to let you move in the most optimal way. To achieve this, we are not only looking at the physical complaints, but we also want to help in the prevention of problems. We do this by analyzing your way of moving and to adjust the possible deviations we find. Everything based on a treatment plan prepared by us.

Take the following with you:
  • Insurance card/certificate
  • Valid identification
  • Shoes (daily shoes or sport shoes)
  • Sport clothes (or have it on)

The first consult takes up to maximum 45 minutes.

Health care Insurance

Podiatry is covered by your health care provider depending on your insurance policy. You can contact your health care provider for more information about your policy. The invoice will be send to you personally by Infomedics, our administration office, after which you can forward it to you health care provider. The health insurance will reimburse the podiatry sessions if you are covered. Below you can find our prices:

1e examiniation €99,50
Consult podotherapy €55,00
Orthotics €145,00
Sports block  +€15,00
1e examination + orthotics + check-up consult  €299,50

    If you need to cancel your appointment, please call us as soon as possible. Our telephone number is 020 5608920. When you cancel your appointment within 24 hours or when you do not show up we will have to charge your appointment.

    Bram van Waes is a member of the NVvP and also connected with the ‘Kwaliteitsregister Paramedici’: 59913164096.

    For more information you can take a look at: www.podotherapiebeld.nl

    Note: you will only receive an appointment confirmation by email for your first appointment.