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Appointment information aurora therapy: posture therapy/pelvic floor training

Djoeke Numan

The first consult consists of an interview with a potential physical examination. Based on this information your therapist will put together an appropriate treatment plan and will discuss this with you. Once agreed, the treatment plan can start.

If you do not have a medical referral from your general practitioner, there will be a screening before your intake to make sure posture therapy is indicated.

Take The following with you:
  • Insurance card/details
  • Valid identification
  • Medical referral (if applicable)

The first consult takes up to maximum 45 minutes. For the physical examination there is a possibility the therapist asks you to undress till underwear.

Health Care insurance
Posture therapy is covered by the additional insurance. Check your health care provider for coverage within your policy. If your health insurance does not or only partially reimburse the posture therapy sessions, you will receive an invoice for the non-reimbursed treatments from UwNota.nl, our administration office. Our prices are:

Posture therapy Mensendieck

Intake €55,00
Follow up €40,00

Pelvic floor training 

Intake €60,00
Follow up €47,00

More information you will find on our website: www.aurora-mensendieck.nl/algemene-inf/

If you need to cancel your appointment, please call us as soon as possible. Our telephone number is 020 5608920. When you cancel your appointment within 24 hours or when you do not show up we reserve the right to charge for your appointment.

Note: you will only receive an appointment confirmation by email for your first appointment.